May 18, 2022


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[News]HRH King Dan Ayo(DanA4) officially Coronation as national Tor Kwaor ATA Done and dusted

HRH. King Dan Ayo Aondonengen ( National Tor-Kwaor ATA) official coronation done and dusted By The Nö 1 Tiv Actor Michael Tule (Igboji) before the Tiv Actors general Assembly meeting leads by the National president Comr Kenneth Iornumbe, Mr Maxwell Atule General Secratary, Comr Sunny Ngur and all the Excos, held at Ugba Logo LGA of Benue State, On Sunday 06/03/2022 with several veteran Tiv Actors across the country The yield a huge success



announcing to the whole world 🌐 the might of Entertainment and it important in the Tiv Nations by promoting culture and Unity among people.


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