May 18, 2022


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News : Nigerian singer , song writer, Benue Born Nigerian artist Ortavershima Francis Atela speaks About Unity to be a key fact among Tiv communities.




Benue Born Nigerian artist and Nigerian idol talent hunt housemate Francis Atela speaks on recent happened.

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Check out pictures from. The sceneriao.

As he share to his Facebook handle and we quote:

The most foolish thing to do is fight with yourself ,because at the end no one wins,
Every injury is self inflicted ,
Every scar will last forever ,
And if you look in the mirror ,you see that you have become the dictator you’ve been running from ,,only difference is
There is no one to run to for solace ,
there is no where to run to for shelter
We are in a battle with the world ,an Enemy who seeks to destroy us all,yet we are fighting ourselves .it is a shame to see that this is what “tar TiV” has become



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