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Profile : Jago West Billz Biography



Dookaan msugh Alexander (born 17 October 2000)
Known professionally as JAGOWESTBILLZ is a Nigerian dance artist and choreographer.

BORN. Dookaan Msugh Alexander
October 17,2000
(Age 21)Benue,Nigeria

OCCUPATION. Dance artist,choreographer

Years of active. 2018-present

Current group. King of dance (KOD)

Former groups Dance with a purpose
Slim fresh boyz (SFB)
Dancer with greatness(DWG)

Dances. Hip hop dance,Afro dance

Dance career :

Alexander began dancing professionally in 2018,on the street makurdi, Benue state Nigeria.

His career began with the help of his friend who gave him the opportunity to travel and participate in dance workshops.

He is credited to have created the CONFUSE DANCE step as elements in Afrobeats .Musicians such as JUMABEE have infused these dance step in their choreography and have performed them on tour and in their videos.The CONFUSE DANCE was featured in MADEINBENUE 2021.Alexander is noted for his dance challenge on social media.

Watch some of his Dance videos Here :



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